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SQL Server BI
Business Intelligence isn't [just] about pretty charts, large, skinny-font numbers, and percentage signs. Sure, they really do look nice and have their pride of place. But...

What about my source data?
Where is it?
Do I know where ALL of it is?
How are people working with it right now?
How [the hell] can I work with it?
How does this data relate to that data?

A Business Intelligence professional should know and have extensive exerience in;
- Accessing data from a wide variety of sources,
- Cleansing data,
- Create sofisticated mapping solutions,
- Create efficient, high-performing, readable code,
- Securing and structuring data,
- Defining 3D data models (cubes), 
- Defining and deploying static, paramaterised, drill-through reports,
- Defining and deploying analysis dashboards,
- ... and THEN showing off the pretty charts, large, skinny-fint numebrs and percentage signs.

Keep looking through our services, and get a feel for what we provide and how we provide it. We hope you are impressed.

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